Dum Stuff

The computer was staring at me. Sounds cray right? I'm sitting here, just trying to enjoy my show (a smutty one). There it sat. I couldn't look at anything else. So here I am. Watching the show and writing.

I live in Germany. Still sounds so weird. Doesn't register as real in my brain yet.

I can't yet confirm or deny that my man is not here right now. My super nice neighbor totally validated me in saying how I have everything big happening to me at one time. This is our first duty station, it's overseas, and my boyfriend is getting deployed. Early on!

The good news is I get to reward myself/our family with a trip to Greece or maybe Spain. I know right? Do you want to be mad at me right now?

I remember when I used to be witty. If you go back to any of my old posts circa 2008ish... I was good. I want to get back to that place. David and I discussed our writing aspirations. I told him I'm fully supportive of him being a full time writer. Really. He is so good. Have you read his stuff? This is the blog he kept the summer he was in China. I was the one who posted them for him and I can't believe the comments I got from people regarding the quality of his writing. It's kind of overwhelming. His song writing and his word writing. I get a teeny bit angry when I think about it too much.

My life right now is not necessarily worth writing about. at least in this moment. It's now Wednesday afternoon, one child is still in pajamas, 2 kids' don't have their hair combed and I'm pretty sure the only thing we have been eating is the cheap version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch out of glass jars. Classy style. We also have been watching Pingu all day. Have you seen it? It's so funny! Sadie figured out that "Boitchen" meas no in Pingu. Haha! She's smart.

also, I can't capitalize a. I think I told you that last time though.


It's a cold blistery day here in Weiden, Germany. Did you know that Germany is smaller than Montana but bigger than New Mexico? That's crazy. It seems so huge. There's so much to see here!

I need to watch Friends and I'm pretty sure I have no seasons on DVD. I might just go check. I can't even watch it on Hulu. Or Netflix. Or amazon Prime. I mean really?

What are some of your other favorite shows? I'm looking to fulfil the spot of "teen drama". I've watched Gossip Girl, 90210, The O.C., and I haven't finished One Tree Hill. That's it. I've gotta go.

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