Life as an Army Wife: Traveling to Germany!

These are the things I never want to forget!

they loved the motorized walkway things at PHX

helping sister buckle!

during takeoff!

dinner in Baltimore, during our 5ish hour layover! we were STARVING!

Camping out in the terminal. It was reallllly empty so we had our own spot. It was lovely.

Thanks Aunt Jo for the SUPER fun stuff!

  • In the airport at Phoenix, we got to do a TSA PreCheck (there's supposed to be a check mark picture here) line. It was mega fast and we didn't have to do any shoe/belt/clothes off stuff. We didn't have to take laptops out, and we didn't have to take our liquids out. It was freaking awesome. I think because we did not make our travel plans it was done for us, but in order to participate you have to sign up at the time of flight reservation. Amazing. Here's more info.
  • Everyone thought my bright shirt idea for everyone was really smart. Thanks self. I didn't even get that one from Pinterest.
  • The plane we first rode in with American Airlines was super fancy. I think I took a picture. Let me go check.
Yes! This! That's a touch screen! I watched Glee but could have watched any number of shows, listened to music, seen new movies, etc . My kids watched Disney movies. Very impressive.  
  • I took a video of my kids as we took off. Remind me to upload it to YouTube. Worth it.
  • My kids were SO good during ALL flights. Seriously. We had NO issues. I want to thank them when they are old enough to remember and care and brag to their friends about how they did a over-24-hour-travel day and were amazing.
  • There were 3 flights! In Dallas, they changed the gate right as we arrived at the right one. So that means we got off the plane, took the tram to the next terminal just to turn around go pretty much right back to where we came from. Remember my trooper kids?
  • They slept the entire way from Baltimore to Germany! The whole time!
  • Biggest plane ever! A 747-400

  • I experienced the "red tape" of the Army. David told me he has tried to keep me away from this but I got a little taste of it. As soon as we exited the plane we were herded into a room for paperwork. Then we had to go wait in line to do a passport check. Then we had to go to this other room (after gathering our bags) and do more paperwork. Exciting. Then we had to go stay at a hotel at Ramstein for a night.
  • I met the coolest people ever. They have a son who shares the very same birthday as Nevie!
  • We took a 4ish hour  bus ride from Ramstein to Grafenwohr (where we currently are). 
  • Had my first German experience at a McDonalds. Say what? Everyone kind of stood back, a little unsure of how this was gonna go, so I went up and knew if I said "Big Mac" at least they'd understand. Thankfully he did, and it all went well. So happy!
  • They don't serve ice in drinks!
  • McChicken! Legit McChicken! No Hot and Spicy. Thank you for taking me back to my childhood, Germany. Thank you!
  • I used someone elses jacket to wipe Sadies bloody nose. Thankfully it was another mom and she was so gracious and didn't care. This was in the middle of unloading from the bus (our 14ish bags) and me trying to get the kids inside, and David trying to get to a brief. It was the new friend I mentioned aboves sons jacket. I'm so embarrassed.  
  • I never want to carry suitcases and backpacks anymore. In life. Like never. I think I did it pretty good by limiting the amount of carry-on stuff we had but next time, I just want to have nothing. Is that possible? Too much sweating for me.
  • It. Is. Ridiculously. Beautiful here. Someone told David it's like Pennsylvania here. And it is. I forgot about green. I really did. It brought back all of these feelings as we drove through the trees, and the fields, and the growth. The houses look very much different. And I love it. I have pictures but my phone was dead at the time so they're on Davids. I can't wait for you to see.
  •  Germany is like America. At least on post. There is a theatre across the street, and next to it is a car lot. Across the street and down a little is the commissary/PX. It's nice! It's like a mall. There is Taco Bell and Charley's and Pizza Hut and Popeyes, etc. It's all in one building so it's pretty mall like and REALLY convenient.
view from our hotel room right now
  • Jet Lag is legit. We had a Nevie up for about 5 hours last night. Yes. True.
  • She's sleeping now. So I wonder what it's going to look like tonight.
  • We've been in this hotel for a few hours now and it's a disaster.
  • I miss my friends and family at home so much. This doesn't feel real. Or far away yet. Lets connect!
  • I KNOW that it's the prayers and positive thoughts that have made this such an easy trip for us so far. I really know it. I LOVE you guys so much!

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Also, I made this to give to people but totally forgot. There's legit copies of it at my moms house. Go ask her for one. lol.


  1. I'm so excited for you and I hope we can Skype soon.

  2. Sooo amazeballs!!! I love reading your words and am so excited for you all:)

  3. So exciting!! Your kids are major troopers!

  4. So exciting!! Your kids are major troopers!