Oh Help Me!

Thaaaannnnkkkk Goodness for good friends and not crazies.

Davids sponsor is a good person. His sponsor is someone who well, just use your common sense. Fine. Here is a link if you want to know what a sponsor does.

He is the one that was there for us when the bus dropped us off in front of a building here at Grafenwoehr. He was the one that called for backup to drive our bags over to Army Lodging. It's a great program and I'm super glad he was and has been there for us. He has helped us get aquainted and answered bunches of questions for us. I'm thankful for that.

What I'm not super loving is the already dramatic performance of certain army people. Females to be exact. I. Can't. Take. It. Instead of being rageful and angry and rude, I left quietly and didn't say a word. Proud moment for me. I have no guilt over that.

I have good friends. I really do. I have good friends who live far away from me now. How am i going to survive? I know this is not how I "should" look at it but I don't know how not to.

We've been in Army Lodging for.... 4 nights now and I've been hearing the average stay here is about 8
days. And then we hopefully will be in a house.

I have cabin fever. Oh yeah, that's why I originally said that thing about Davids sponsor. I told him after 4 days of doing what we've been doing, I need to get out. And that's when he brought up the cabin fever.

Davids captain is also nice. He said to take the time we need and to come to work after we get settled. What? That's just crazy. And also really nice.

I also kind of wonder if I should start being more careful about what I post. I don't want to be like the one girl that got an entire unit rerouted because she posted on the interwebs about her husbands impending deployment. She posted when and where. Hastag kindofdum.

We went bowling today. It was very American. The kids played and then David and I played. We didn't quite get to finish before the kids took over our game too. Up until that point though, I was winning. It's been yeaaarrrsss since we've both played. Don't worry, I got a strike. And a coupla spares. Don't let David try and tell you he won. Cause he didn't.

Raise your hand if you'll send me Target stuff. I'm stressing out about it. Except the Exchange here is actually pretty good. I managed to find a Fossil bag I want/need for only $150. Hahahaha.

I miss my family and frens. My family is my friends. Haha. And my frens is my family. 

I want my pillow. 

And I can't find my books. Mom, where did I pack my books? lol. 

Its officially 8:40 p.m. and we need to eat dinner. 


  1. So glad you just walked away. Very mature. Drama is for the birds!

  2. Anonymous07 May, 2014

    Hi! I just found your blog through mormon.org, and what a coinkydink I'm a blogger and military wife too! I know it's sucky now, but I think you will enjoy Germany. So much to see and do! Do you know how long you will be there for?

    1. Hi! Thanks for finding me! I'm thinking we will be here for around 3ish years. And I went back to my honeymoon phase with Germany and then went back to transition phase. It sure is gorgeous. Were you in this area? I'd love to hear your stories!

  3. Anonymous12 May, 2014

    My Husband was stationed in Baumholder. We did the paperwork to move out there, but it took so stinking long and by the time it went through his unit had orders for Afghanistan. I wound up just visiting for a bit instead. There is nothing out near Baumholder, but it's neat how there is soooo much within just a few hours. I've had a lot of friends and family get stationed over there. It usually starts off with missing home, then loving Germany, then the last 6 months or so they are counting down the days to get back to the states. lol.