Two Years and Two Jumps

I'm not sure whether to head the direction of Facebook Pages, or my private posts, or this blog when it comes to documenting and writing down the things of my life. I feel like here is a pretty safe bet although I can't be too sure with the lurking creepos I know are out there. Oh well.

Today we hit two milestones! Nevie turned two and David completed two successful jumps out of an airplane as part of his Airborne training! A really wonderful family (the wife in that family) graciously took these pictures of David and his fellow travelers. Holy crap. Intense.

We spent most of the day waiting for Genevieve to wake up! She finally graced us with her presence around 11 a.m. and we happily greeted her with balloons and doughnuts! Grandma got her a new baby doll which she promptly hugged and squeezed and loved on. Her and Sadie are so different that way. I tried forever to get Sadie to take to the idea of a doll in order to prepare her for an incoming sibling. She never liked them. Baby dolls. Not siblings and real babies. Cause she adores those.

Anyway, after sharing lunch with Grandpa, we headed to the old house to meet Grandma Nickle. She was so kind and was cleaning out the fridge over there. That's the task everyone hates the most. Gross.  That's true love, doing that for someone. Even more true love is cleaning underneath it. Yeah. That happened.

We all got tired and went to Trish's house (those grand neighbors I speak of) and she made us freakin' homemade green chili and cheese enchiladas. De-freakin-licious. Oh and Cheyenne and I started the painting of some of their furniture and I'm pretty sure there was not enough circulation in that garage because not only did we come out looking super Avatarlike, we also came out crazy. As in, probably high from the fumes.

It was fun to watch the kids play, probably for the last time with Billie Jean, in our yard. The sun was just setting and it was a beautiful temperature. And now I want to cry. I knew after we got done with the initial cleaning of the house, I never wanted to go back. Because I honestly felt so crappy afterwards. People talk like 3-4 years isn't very much time to be in one place, but it's been the longest place we've ever lived! We've had so many memories there. That's the home that this very 2 year old came home to. Bleh. And instead of focusing on those amazing wonderful, happy and great times, I'm choosing to focus on the fact that we won't be living there anymore.

So that's the day. We came home and fought about bedtime and now, it's 10:30 and I think the final child has passed out. That was a long time coming. Unlike Germany is.

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