9 Years Mas

All I wanted to do today was to blog. But then I got caught up in fixin this computer that is my neighbors. I've been here all day. They give me sanity when I have anxiety. I started coming here when it was the summer of China and I had reallllyyyy bad anxiety. And then it happened again last summer when he was at LDAC and now this 3 weeks of in-freakin-betweenness.

I'm home now and laying on my floor bed. In my moms attic. I have a post written all about that too. It's way more luxurious than you think.

Old School Us 2005
I wanted to write this last night when it was almost midnight and almost the start of my 9th anniversary but I got too tired from editing a picture I sent to David. It's one of us on the Salmon River. It was the summer after we got married. So we were brand newlyweds. What a freaking good time. I had been on the river with him before. In fact, that's when I fell in love with him I think. Have I told you this story? Oh well. I'll tell it again.

So it was the summer of 2001. I didn't want to go at all and in fact, it was David's older brother who convinced me to go. Thanks Jared!

We had a grand old time on the River. It deserves a capital letter because it's that awesome. One of the days we were there we went on a little hike into this beautiful little area and we shared stories of hurt and sadness we had experienced. I think we hugged too and it was a really intense kind of moment for being 17. 

The stipulation with me going was I had to be back early for cheer camp. It was my senior year and I was captain. Looking back, I wouldn't have gone home for that. But then I'm glad I did because so many of our great experiences were during that time. Abe and Janell were so nice to do the leaving early with us. It was so fun. We had to spend the night on a beach and it was just the four of us. David and I of course were appropriate and didn't sleep by each other. Or I think we did. But I think I was on an air mattress and he was on the sand. Ahhhh the Salmon River sand. So great.

During parts of the River there were these spots they call "lakes" where the water is still and there isn't a current. It was the lake times that we had a lot of fun. Good ol' laughter fun. I put on my semi-melted Chapstick and looked at David with all the seriousness in the world and I had giant chunkies on my lips from the supersoft chapstick. I'm not sure whether he did it first, or whether I did. But there were a lot of chunkies on that trip. We laughed. I pushed him (he willingly went) off the boat. We laughed. I wanted him to kiss me so bad. But he didn't. Appropriate.

I remember driving home from the River and we were somewhere between Flagstaff and home. I was in the passenger seat. The sun was setting and shining through the window. I remember the distinct feeling of loving this boy. It was surprising to me because I didn't expect it. I didn't expect to have those feelings especially after saying to myself a few years earlier that I would never date him. Ha! What did I know?

The River brings people together in ways you can never imagine. I think it's such a great test for a relationship. You see people at their very best and very worst. Who are the other River marriage success stories? I know we aren't the only ones. So if you're looking to get married, take a white water rafting trip. :-)

And here we are. That trip was what? 13 years ago?

I told him today that 9 years doesn't feel at all like 9. He said it feels like 2. I feel like it was yesterday that he sent me on a scavenger hunt only to propose at the end.

I really love him. I feel so lucky to have the relationship I do. I know it's one of The Few.

And although we haven't been together for every anniversary, I know it's not the one day that counts, it's all the regular days in between. Even though we are going big for 10 years. I'm talking, a Bachelor kind of date. In Fiji. With flowers and candles and a new and improved ring. Haha. jk.

So anyway, tonight I came home from being gone all day and there is sitting there right now on my moms counter, a giant bouquet (the biggest I have ever seen) of flowers. Daisies, and roses, and these other ones I don't know what they're called, And a bag of sour patch kids. The card says "Happy Anniversary. Here's to another 9 or 90." I cried. Haha. Somewhere between crazy long sleep-deprived jumping-out-of-buildings-that-look-like-airplanes days, he found time to arrange this. So although we aren't together in person tonight, we're together in heart. haha. Cheesy. But true.

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