My Husband Thinks Keith Urban is Hot

We’ve been married almost 9 years this March. I’m almost to the point I don’t remember the actual date. I think that happens after 10 years though.

I told him the other day I hate listening to BBC radio because of their accents. #1 I am jealous. And #2 I feel weird about British people talking about American news. It seems fake. I know it’s not. It just seems that way.

We’re currently listening to BBC radio.
We’re driving back to Fort Huachuca after a weekend of partying. A party for a baby and a party for a sister. It was fun. Stay tuned for details on the baby shower. I’ll share my secrets on throwing a supppppeeerr budget friendly party when you’re paying to do it.
So after 9 years what does marriage look like? It looks like listening to BBC radio.
It’s an analogy. Get it?

Right after I told David about the BBC thing, he quickly changed the station. Because he loves me.
Over time though (3 days?) we forget. We forget the seemingly little things.

We forget that our spouse hates root beer but loves Donald Duck orange juice, We forget how hard they work at work and school and at home. We forget the little things. It doesn’t just happen with adults, it happens with kids. We forget how much our kids love when we sit on the floor and play with Little People. Or how hard they work to please us as parents.

One of the parties this weekend was one that took me away from the fam for a night. It was a period of about a day and a half where I didn’t get to see him/them. When I got back in the van after being gone, it almost surprised me at how happy I was to be back with them. Especially him. I told him too. Because I feel lucky I feel that way
It’s the next day after that (above). I just realized I kind of suck at serious writing. The other day I read this post to David and after I was done reading, he said “I thought you wrote that.” Or something. Total compliment but totally not true. Or possible. Maybe one day.
In the meantime, I’ll post some pictures because I don’t ever want to lose pictures. Or forget these moments. I’d be especially grateful if someone could teach me how to upload a voice recording. We have Nevie, at age almost 2 singing “Let it Go”. It’s my favorite thing in life right now. I listen to it every day.

Ooooh. I also want to say, I can’t wait to be an Army family advocate. I can’t believe how hard its been to get little tiny things done here on post when it could have been the most simple of tasks. Someone needs to teach these things to new people. It shouldn’t be that difficult. Blargh!

Also, my husband does thing Keith Urban is hot. He may not have said it in so many words. He may have said something like, “he has a nice facial structure” and “he’s a good looking man”. It’s the same thing right?

These are all from New Years Eve and New Years Day. Funnnn!

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