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You know when you read Single Dad Laughing you are reading about his real life. And the people in his life know they may or may not make it onto his blog at one point or another.  Consider this your official notice and warning. 
There's been a significant amount of events lately that are totally blog worthy however I'm trying to let things settle down before I go public with them. Ill let Lady Gaga and my bff Miley keep the headlines for now.
I would like to mention the insanity that was this past weekend. There was craft night, baby shower night, and birthday party day all in a row.
Here's some pictures. I have a beautiful, intuitive, smart, 5 year old. Just the other day we were at the Grand Canyon and we asked all the kids who made the Grand Canyon, the boys thought maybe Grandpa could've made the Grand Canyon but it was Sadie who piped up first and said, "Jesus made it." There's been several moments lately where her thought process is so deep it causes David and I too look at each other like 'where did that come from?'.
So here's pictures because I don't quite have the words right now.

Baby Shower for the lovely Shaundra. It's unfortunate I didn't get the very best picture of her doing a heart on her belly with the most appropriate facial expression ever. Oh man. Good times.


I guess now would be an appropriate time to pimp myself out for all your party needs. The thing is, I'm a cheapskate. I don't do anything expensive. So if you/re looking for super expensive fancy happy stupid, then call someone else. I mean, I could if you have the money to pay for it, but otherwise, I just use what I have and do it so that it's not really crazy. I mean, it seems ridiculous to me to spend so much money on something that you're just gonna tear down. You know?

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