A 6 Year Old Boy

BAck in May of this year, you turned 6! It seems it was so long ago. It kind of was. Already 6 months have passed and you've grown so much!

I really feel like Heavenly Father blessed me with you because He knew I needed a sweet one. My friend told me that having a boy first is pretty great because often times they set the tone for the family. I totally get it. You are the one I count on, the peacemaker, the heart.

You are so fantastic with your sisters. You play with them and help them and love them!

As of late, I have asked you to do a lot. Daddy is gone right now at Fort Huachuca and so I've asked you to step up. I 've asked you to help me clean and do chores and also to do little things like lock the door.

Right now you are in the bath with your sisters and I fear this will soon be the last of sibling baths. I hope not because you guys sure have fun in there. You just said you were "concentrating" a.k.a practicing going under water by plugging your nose and your mouth. You and Sadie both.

Also, you are super into Minecraft right now. You and Sadie both. I'm pretty sure you've been playing it all day.

You love your cousins, specifically Shawn. Just last week we took him with us to the Grand Canyon. You guys had a blast playing pretend with the rocks and the cliffs and you sure did a great job getting the bad guys. You guys walked on the rocks that line the paths on the Rim. I'm so glad I took pictures even though you were annoyed with me having my camera out. We went to the IMAX and that was the biggest screen ever! I wish I had a video camera on your face. You moved your neck with the twists and turns. It was adorable.

I love you. I love you more than you know. I feel blessed to have you in my life. You have the sweetest personality and the fiercest temper. Just like me! It doesn't come out a lot but when it does I have to remember that I was exactly like that as a kid. And it makes me love you more. You are going to be so great and I feel lucky to be on this journey with you.

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