An Ungrateful Thanksgiving Post

I've thought about keeping a journal about all the super crappy things that happen to me on a daily basis. It's not like, world shattering stuff, it's more like I'm-going-to-jump-off-a-cliff-if-this-happens-again kind. And I mean that in the least suicidal sounding way. Once again, I will remind you I am somewhat of an exaggerator in my speech/words/thoughts.

So here's a short list of the mighty stupid things that have occurred or KEEP occurring, just in different forms.

  • When I first got here to Fort Huachuca (I think I told you about this), got the kids out, myself out, and walked to the distance to the commissary door to find out it is closed on Mondays. What?

  • Tried tightening the lace on my moccasins that ALWAYS comes loose and it broke.

  • Didn't have a key to the hotel room after getting home and getting out and getting unloaded. At the door of course.

  • Went to the FAMILY gym. Where my kids can play right in front of my face and Nevie cried. She could see me and cried. Bawled actually. There were toys. And a Barbie movie. Hysterical.

  • Tried to go to the gym every day since being here. Been successful ZERO times.

  • Went to the library. This involved leaving post, driving, getting out, getting the stroller all situated and making yet another long walk to the front door. Closed. Apparently EVERYTHING opens later or is not open at all on Mondays. Mondays?? WHYYYYY?

  • Got soda/pizza/spaghetti sauce/chocolate syrup/jelly on my white shirt/brand new sweater/fancy blouse. And this is not always my fault. I have kids remember?

  • Got the urge to go to the bathroom at the most inconvenient time. Again, not always me, but kids too. For example, while we're in Target and looking at toys which, makes everyone mad because no one wants to leave those aisles!

Mikey by Joey Ellis (stickers for Messenger on Facebook)
Many of these show how I feel.

  • No sleeping. Ever. It's just not a thing here. So there's that, and did I mention how we don't sleep?

  • In a hurry, and there's no gas in the vehicle.

  • Changed Nevies diaper. And its crappy. And we're on the bed. And she decided to go crazy. White sheets. Yup.

  • Went to church. It was Stake Conference. (It started 2 hours before our normal time).

  • Changed another one of Nevie's diapers. It was the last diaper. The little closing strap thing... ripped off.

  • Decided to go gluten-free 3 days before Thanksgiving. Winner!

Anyway, there is so much to be grateful for. But that's why all 834 of your friends are doing "30 Days of Thanksgiving.". lol.

I too have much to be grateful for. And I am. I'm just not talking about it right now. :-) What are you maybe not grateful for? Or what are you so thankful for? Tell me!

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  1. Well I'm sure thankful for you and for all the craziness that you endure so that you can write us these truthful, funny, blunt yet sincere blogs. You are definitely a strong woman.