I Was Lying To You

I know, I know. It's one of the first rules of... something. To not lie. But I can't help it. It's not my fault.

I know that lying hurts people. I know that it destroys the foundation of trust that a relationship is entirely based on. It doesn't hurt just one person, it hurts many and for this I'm sorry.

But the truth is... the truth is that...we are going to Germany. I think.

David wrote his sponsor several days ago and had some questions to be answered. Finally his sponsor wrote him back and was so nice. The reason he couldn't answer was because he was on some training thing in Poland? What? Anyway, I read said e-mail and it gave me hope for Army. The reasons why I have hope are 1) He sounds like a normal guy 2) he gave us answers 3) he is going to give David information on some peeps (women) who will help me! Yay!!!

We SHOULD be going to Germany even though his orders say Italy. Josh (the cool guy who also said David could call him by his first name, what?) said a lot of acronyms and said he would have the BDE S2 work it out and get it de-conflicted. Fancy.

So we are going to Grafenwoehr. It's like Gryffindor but different. But it's a good way to remember it right? Good job David for coming up with that.

I'd secretly love for you to notice all the surrounding countries. There's a little bit of France, and some Austria, and Denmark, the Netherlands, and we'll still be able to visit Italy! 

Grafenwöhr, Germany to Paris, France: 834 km, 7 hours and 31 minutes. 
Grafenwöhr, Germany to Vienna, Austria: 500 km, 4 hours 45 minutes.
Grafenwöhr, Germany to Venice, Italy: 768 km, 7 hours, 5 minutes. 
Grafenwöhr, Germany to Zurich, Switzerland: 498 km: 4 hours 51 minutes. 

And because I have no idea how far a kilometer is:

There. See. 

Also, the castle that you see in Disneyland? The Sleeping Beauty one?  The real one is in Germany. In the same state we will be in.  Well the one that Walt Disney based it on anyway.  Don't be sad. You can come visit. Well you can visit me, and then we can go see the castle. 

 Have you ever been to Germany? Please tell me everything. Also, don't be alarmed if in a couple of days I'm like 'hey, I lied again'.

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  1. It's only a lie if you knew it was the wrong thing, otherwise it's just misinformation. Oops I lied only works if you intended to lie. Plus it IS the military so you could end up in Japan before the week is out.