Crap I'm Loving AND Hating Today


1) Sears Automotive Service (Um $21 for an oil change? Yes please. PLUS they gave me a coupon for $5 off my shopping in-store. I HIGHLY recommend it. David even said you can't even buy all the stuff to do it yourself for that cheap. Eeee). ooooh! Plus, they totally fixed the stuff that Wal-Mart started. I hate Wal-Mart.

2) Smash* books. It's totally the lazy-womans version of a scrapbook. I super believe in them. I have started collecting them. Don't be surprised if you get one as a gift. They're THAT cool. I have zero books completely finished. Here's one of my kind-of-finished pages.

3) DoTerra Oils. Pretty much enough said. I'm so thankful I have the capacity to be my own doctor and have it be healthy style. Sadie just told me she loves the smell of the DigestZen I just put on her belly. Which is kind of surprising because I think it's gross (it's the black licorice smell which is fennel and anise that throws me off). My kids beg for me to put em on them. Happy! If you want to order some, let me know. Happy to help! 

4) My Neighbors. The Staggs. They have helped me SO much in life. Especially lately. It's okay, I got steak and cheesy broccoli soup and baked beans for dinner. Last night it was ribs and a baked potato. Delivered to my door. Hot. Yeah. I know right? Also, sometimes I have Cheyenne (daughter) come over and put Nevie to bed because Nevie loves her. The other night Nevie cried when she had to come back to me because Cheyenne had to leave. It was heartbreaking as a mother to experience that. But I'm happy I have someone that I can count on who loves and takes care of my kids. No, you cannot have her phone number. lol. 

5) HuluPlus. Right? Need I say more? What are you watching? Right now I need/want girly shows. I've contemplated watching Gossip Girl from the beginning. I'm loving Nashville and Grey's Anatomy. Check out this song from the most recent episode. Of course when I went to buy it, it's the only one not available right now. lol. 

Now onto the things I'm hating.

Pretty much just Wal-Mart.

That's it. lol. So can you help me with shows to watch? Girly style and a tiny bit smutty which equals dramatic. What are you loving and hating? 

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  1. I'm watching Vampire Diaries right now...its really high schoolish but its pretty good! Seasons 1-4 are on netflix.