A Blog About Jaime

Back when Goodwill had handwritten tags, my friend Jaime purchased these earrings. It was during a time when she was staying with us for a minute when her husband was deployed for the second time. It was the day after we ordered Dominoes Pizza online and watched our pizza be made step by step. For two easily distracted/amused ladies, this was gold. Anyway, back to the earrings.

So I have kept them for oh, 3 years because when she left, she gave them to me along with a bracelet i think because she didnt have space or realized they were kind of ugly. She probably doesnt even remember this but I do. I didnt give any significant thiught to what they would do for me in the future. Little did i know. At the time I thought they were weird looking but I couldn't bear to toss them.  Thankfully I didn't. Because well, they are in style now.

Hahaha. You were probably hoping for a "they changed my life story." I'm so rude. Anyway,  they really did brighten my day today in a way that was much needed.

I didn't change out of my pajamas nor do my hair today. You can see in the picture that I'm wearing what looks to be a t-shirt but I will not confirm that. I have been feeling particularly down so seeing the earrings in the pile of tampons and travel sized soaps Nevie took one-by-one out from under the sink, really made me happy! They were even attached to a yellow tag! Yellow sunshine tag. So I put those earrings on with my may or may not be t-shirt and my may or may m ot be super greasy hair and I went out. To Safeway.  But i felt pretty. Seriously. Weird.

I couldn't help but start singing the Macklemore song. Edited of course. Always edited.

Anyway, jaime, I have so much I want to say to you. I was also tempted to post the picture I have of you in your undies. Oops. But ill save that for later. I love you.  Thanks for the fish earrings. You are oFISHally the best person ever.

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