Orders Are Here! Just Kidding. They're Not Orders

I thought I'd collectively announce that after much anticipation we FINALLY received our orders. I don't technically know what that means except that we got more information. No dates, but good news. And that is that my hubs is kind of a rock star.

We got the orders via word of mouth. I don't know if that means they are official or what. But anyway. So here's what we know, besides giving up our first born child (sorry Jackson), we will be active duty, with a military intelligence branch.

I just found out that the information we got was not actual orders but accessions results. I don't know how to spell accessions. Whatever. Anyway, so basically what that is, is where David stands nationally out of all the graduates of the ROTC program for 2013. He ranked 115 out of 5300-5500 cadets. That puts him in the top 2 percent. He also was in the top 10 of the battalion which includes 7 states. So he's kind of a badace. I know right? Amazing.

Even though this is not specific dates, I feel much better and much more at peace about life knowing that we will most likely get what we requested. Hahahaha. Yeah right. That's not ARMY. But at least we will hopefully MAYBE get what we want. lol. We're supposed to get dates and such in a week. So I'm counting on a month. Ugh.

In other news, I have a blister on my nipple. Gross right? Did you want to know that? I bet you did. It's cause I'm still breastfeeding Nevie and she's getting teeth on one side or something. I can't be sure.

Also, it's Day 5 of the bikini body mommy challenge. And I'm on day 2. lol. You can find the challenge on Facebook. It's freakin' hard. And I'm sore from the fitness test. Oh man. Yup. I'm only telling you this so I'm accountable.

I always think of random things I want to say but then I don't know if it's super annoying. Is it? Do you want to hear the annoying things? Or merely the cool kid stuff that you care about? Well you probably don't really care about any of that bragging stuff I just told you. But it's for posterity anyway.

Oooh. This is a selfie. I took it at work and I'm gonna post it on my secret Instagram because I haven't showed my face there. It's only body pictures. I know right? That's weird. I can't wait to see the progress. Also, stop staring at that giant zit on my face. It's stress okay! Ugh. Also, it's unedited. No fancy filters or anything. Just the glowing sun and my frizzy hair.

Our own private parade

Jackson, 6 years

Nevie, 16 months

This is from when Sadie covered her face in chapstick. For fun