Did You Forget About The House That My Husband Built?

Here's a funny story.

My husband. He's kind of a really cool guy.

At this very moment, he's driving a trash truck.

3 days ago he graduated with a degree in Global Security and Intelligence Studies/Chinese from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (with honors!).

In about 2 months, he will commission as a Second Lieutenant with the Army.

And about 5 years ago, he was building houses.

So I'd say he is a jack of all trades. Is that how it's worded? Anyway, I see these pictures in my Picasa album all the time and I thought I'd remind you of the house he designed AND built for us in Lock Haven, PA. Unfortunately we never got to live there. It's a gorgeous house that sits literally about 15 yards from a large creek that runs through the area. Oh my goodness. Gorgeous. It has a huge deck in the front and it's surrounded by trees and green and happiness. 

Dining Room

Dining Room Floor

Living Room

Another living room angle.



Dual head shower

Master bath

Guest bath

That's Jackson sitting there!

Maybe someday we can buy the house back and live there. Eh? Sorry. This is another bragging blogger post. But I can't help it. I'm kind of lying if I don't mention that he had help. The missionaries, and his dad, and my dad, and his brother Abe all were a part of making this happen and to them I am grateful.  I'm trying to keep up with the Blog Challenge I'm participating in but I have some other stuff to do. So pictures ALWAYS work right?

Do you have a dream house? What does it look like? I love looking at house plans so tell me where to find it!


  1. Anonymous09 May, 2013

    RE: Being besties - let's Do it! Our issues should get together sometime and keep each other company while we do more interesting things. It'll be totally normal!

    Thoroughly jealous of the house, here in el UK we're still struggling to get on the housing ladder, student debts just won't go away. I swear about this a lot.

    Oh yeah, don't let my being British fool ya. I'm not at all proper ;) x

  2. That house is BEAUTIFUL! Almost as beautiful as you! Im not trying to be schmarmy ....but you are beautiful! I love you very much! I need you to teach me how to start a blog!