What's Next?

It's a common question these days. One I don't really have an answer to. But I'll try and explain anyway.
So David leaves June 13th for LDAC which we both just found out today stands for Leader Development and Assessment Course.  As David just said, I learned more in 5 minutes from reading and researching on my own than I have from him over the course of 3 years. lol. I read this here.
He gets back July 11th and will be a commissioned officer for the Army. It's unfortunate that nobody will be able to attend this special ceremony. I blame his current cadre. I'm kind of mad about it. Anyway, after he gets back, we wait until he gets his BOLC date. It is then that he will head to Fort Huachuca to train for his specific MOS in military intelligence . It's 4 months long and I think I'm going to stay here since it's in Sierra Vista. I don't wanna uproot the kids (and really myself) to go somewhere where I don't have friends and family. I'll save that for later.
After he gets back from that, we go somewhere. lol. As of right now, I think we want to go foreign specifically to Germany or Italy. From what I've heard though, Germany is the better choice between the two. We'll be there for 2 years and then go somewhere else for 2 more years.
Here are some pictures from Graduation.  Do you remember this post when I wrote about his acceptance into Embry Riddle? This was in April of 2010! This was 4 years ago! Can you believe it? We made it and I am so glad.

That's all for now. And now you maybe kinda sorta a little understand what's next. Cause I don't. lol.


  1. I love you! And im so excited for you and your family! Can I come and live with you for the summer! I NEED a change! And I would love to see you and your kids!

  2. I am so excited for you and your adventures!Really, for him to be gone for so long? Its so hard! You can do it though. You are a tough chica! You can txt me every day and complain if you need. AND...your house in PA is seriously a beautiful house. He totally rocked building it!