These Things I'll Never Say. Oh Wait, I Just Did.

I want to get famous.

How do you get people to give you stuff so you can have giveaways on your blog? How popular do you have to be? I just want to have a giveaway. But I don't want to be the person that gives away. LIke  I want someone to give me some stuff so I can sound and be popular.

I'll probably get famous by association because I will be on the background of a submission video for some people I know who got a callback from a TV show. I can't disclose any more information cause I don't have permission. And plus, I might have to kill you.

I'm never sure what to do with my old magazines. Like the minimalist in me says to get rid of them. But the paper is so thick and the information is so good. And i know that people like to collect them in case they make collages and stuff. But my top two reasons are the thickness of the paper (I have like, a thing about paper. It's kind of an obsession.) and the information. Today for example, I pulled out an old mag and looked up a hairstyle I remember seeing in it. You'll see me rockin' it at church tomorrow even though I totally could have come up with it on my own. But I didn't. And the other ones I saw are too hard.

I went to a wedding reception tonight (Congrats Brok and Kali!). It was completely gorgeous btw. SHE was completely gorgeous. And I can't lie, so was he. lol. I'm allowed to say that because I've known him for like 6 hundred years. But seriously. Did you go? You should have. So it took me back to my wedding day. Best day of my life. No kidding. Well fine, it's in that category of "best days of my life". I wish there were a board on Pinterest for that. I could make one but it would be hard.

Warning: Goobatron information ahead. Don't read it. Well anyway, So I love David. More than I ever have. I feel like our relationship has solidified. We are at a new level too. It's so crazy to explain. I'll do it later cause it's totally worth its own post. But I love him. I don't need anything else or anyone else except him. And my kids. And well, my friends. lol. But you get what I'm saying right?

I have this really cool chair in my kitchen. I need someone to do some free interior decorating for me. Any takers? please? I'll pay in food. Please? Like seriously. I want an online consultation thing. LIke I'll send pictures of my house and someone just tell me what to do. But I want input. Because I'm picky.

Like is my new favorite word apparently. It's gross. I'm not in high school. Or the 80's. Or ditzy. Well the last one is debatable. ha. Lets go through and count all the "likes" in this post so far. 7. Including the ones that are not like, used that way. Like okay?

I just ate my feelings in the form of a half of a club sandwich that my neighbor shared with me. It had bacon on it. Yum. It's like 10 at night. Oh well. I should have taken a picture of it and Instagram'ed it. Gross. I sort of HATe when people do that. Well I did it with my bowl of fruit. Only cause it was pretty and I didn't use a filter. I also secretly hate when people hashtag the crap out of their pictures. For reals? So ya post a picture of yourself. And then you're really gonna do this: #pretty #awesome #hot #redhead #boots #americanbirdstore #sexy #hurley #gucci #blueeyes #blue #red #head #hair #sweet #tan #fitness #sixpack... and then? When there's not enough room on that comment, you do another one? Eh. I don't think that's classy. Danica. Can you please do a Sometimes, Always, Never on Instagram? It might be good for you anyway since you're kind of scared of it I think.

Well I love everyone. I am going to bed because I can. Even though I don't want to. I have a million and eight hundred things to do. But I am sleepy. Super uber sleepy.

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  1. So many different trains of thought in this post I'm not sure how to comment.

    I'm glad for the things you're happy about. Sorry for the things that made you sad or irritated. Go team!