A Testimony

Back a long time ago I read The Shack. It kind of changed my life forever. I haven't read it in awhile but I know that from it, I was able to really improve my relationship with God. (if you need a copy, let me know! I have a few. :-)).
My testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ comes not from the culture of the church, but from the pure foundations upon which it built. And I'm pretty sure that's all  that matters. My testimony is based in those same foundations. I've been able to look past all the "culture" that we see so often in the church. It's that same culture that often draws people away from the Gospel. Don't let it! Keep your testimony based in in the truth and those same basic principles, and you'll be just fine. Sometimes I need reminders.

I know the Savior atoned for my sins and my hurts and my ouches. I know it.
I know Joseph Smith restored the Gospel to this earth. And that it is restored as it was a long long long time ago with the priesthood and prophets as leaders. I may have a hard time with men in the church, but I can't deny this is the way it's supposed to be.
The Book of Mormon IS another testament of Jesus Christ just as the Bible is a testament of Jesus Christ.

Tithing is amazing. It brings blessings beyond my comprehension. And it works. It really does.

Beyond that, I know God is there for me. He is there for me to talk to. He loves me. I'm so grateful for that. And I hope you know that too!

That's all. It's simple. It's basic. But it's what I always come back to.