This Is All The Random Things In My Mind

I love Jef Holm. Is that how you spell his name?
Creamslushes are so good. And not even that much cheaper (in PointsPlus) than a real shake and that makes me mad.

There's somewhat a lot of drama in my life in the form of like husband in China things, physical ailments. I peed out a black rock and some sand.

I can't wait to get the stoopid stent out.

I hate when my baby is not on her schedule and then I hate that she is on a schedule in the first place. Because I've never had a baby like that.

There are SO many movies that i need to see. Who wants to come?

If someone will virtually help me decorate, I will be so grateful. Like please?

There's only a few days left until he gets home. I don't even need to say it. We're in the single digits now people. Like for realz. We are gonna go to Fudruckers after he gets back because that's where we ate after he got off the plane from his mission. That was 2 years. This is only 3 months. but the missingness feels the same but worse.

Becky and Mike are moving and I wanna die. Bad and Janell already moved and I died then too. Like these people are all my favorites. How will I live without them? Like it actually makes me mad. And you would think I'd try and be supportive or something but I totally don't want to.

A shower is in store but first of all, I hate showering because SO much of my freaking hair falls out. And 2, I am too tired. So I'm gonna try and do it tomorrow. I took a picture. I'm gonna post it. It's gross to look at but I don't care.

Today a nurse from my OB/GYN called me today and she was all talking to me and then I went into the X Ray place and then Dr. Kells called me. And they called me back at the same time to get my x ray. So then I got my x ray and then I went and got my blood drawn. It was a lot of medical things. But I'm grateful that people care about me. I also feel like I am somewhat of a crazy person with all of my issues.

The end. I'm tired. Also, I have more to say but I'm thirsty and I have to go. Here's a picture to tide you over.

And there's usually more. This is a mild day. And thats rolled pretty tightly.

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