People who Sell in their Yard

My neighbor and I went to this fabulous yard sale yesterday. It's a perpetual one. Like they always have yard sales. Like every weekend. Except this one is fancy. They only do it the first weekend of every month and they have really super stuff. This woman and her husband go to estate sales and storage unit sales and they get the best items and resale them so people like me and my neighbor can come and spend all our money. They have this great setup. It's in their garage and it is giant. They even have a different garage especially set up for furniture and such.

Combined we spent $140. Right? Let me tell you what we got and I want you to tell me if we scored or not.

At these go for $12.99
I got 4 of them for $2 a piece
Sterilite 66 Quart Latch Box Storage Tote

at this goes for $85.09 (.09?)
I got it for $20!!! 
Igloo Quick and Cool 100 Quart Cooler - White.Opens in a new window
Things I can't find pictures of:

Scrapbook paper holder thing (new in box) Like it has 9 compartments and is made out of wood.

Eddie Bauer camp chair

Those were my big ticket purchases. The rest was miscellaneous small stuff including really great things to to help organize my life.

Trish (neighbor) got a vintage cooler for $20 and a vintage piggy bank thing for $10 (its seriously awesome. see below)


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