Doing So Well Except With My Bathroom

What can I do that will be fancy?
I know! A yard sale that will be fancy. We really are gonna do it. A perpetual yard sale. Out of my garage. With my neighbor. It's gonna be so fun. You know that one we went to that we got the awesome stuff? well we are doing our own. I hope you will come.

So I'm doing really well without David here. I don't think I should be doing so good. I think it's because I have a great support system. As of late it's been great to have the best neighbors in the world. They are here every day and I'm grateful. It's nice to know I can count on them, and my good family. Thank you to everyone!

I'm going minimalist. Again. I really started awhile ago. But I'm gonna try again and do more. Too bad my stoopid phone won't work because my friend Jaime sent me a book all about it and I can't even open it. It's kind of making me super cranky.

Can you PLEASE help me decide what to do my bathroom in? What colors? What style. You have to remember that my room is based off of the picture below. Like those walls are my walls.

And my bathroom doesn't have a door on it. So you can see into it. Please please please help me. Audrey, I'm talking to you. And Tracy, Janell and Danica too. And anyone else who has a good eye for craftiness and cute house crap and style. I'll tell you what I'm into.

I'm way into the gray and yellow modernish palette but I don't know if that will go in the bathroom.

I love the Paris-y vintagey look.

I love purple. But it's a bathroom that I share with David so I don't want it to be too girly. He said he was okay with purple though.

And then I keep remembering that my room are those colors. So I have stuck to gross white and black. But I'm over it.

I want it to be relaxing and fresh.

Help. Seriously. I'll give you anything you want.

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