We are into the 70's

Let's talk about how little Nevie slept from 10-6 last night. That's right folks. Too bad I'm an idiot and didn't go to sleep until like 12 or something because I was up Skyping with my bff. We talked of cats and stalking and then I tied my hair around my chin. I'm gonna have to take a picture so you get the picture.

I'm in el Phoenix and it's been real fun. My sister has a neighbor who has a granddaughter. lol. She is awesome and totally a kid whisperer. My kids fell in love with her after like 5 minutes of meeting her. She has totally kept my kids and baby happy for most of the weekend and she has done it happily. I wish she could stay the whole summer. I would bring her back to Paulden with me. lol. Her grandma might miss her though.

Wow. I wanted to write something brilliant tonight. Looks like it's not gonna happen.

Are you ready for gushiness?

I read Ginny's post about her hubby and was able to reminisce right along with her about her journey with her hubby. I remember the night David came home from his mission and all of those feelings returning, and I remember the feeling that I just wanted and needed to be with him. Even before reading this post, I found myself going through the e-mails I got from him when he was on his mission.

"I am nervious writing this.  My fingers don't want to type.  This is my last e-mail to you...and I don't have words to tell you right now.  With all....I am so grateful for you LIsa."

He continues on later:

"I have lots of stories to tell you! I want to hear stories from you!  I wonder how you are doing all the time.  I think I will just hug you so much. I almost cry----really, when I think of that. 
Ok, so I will work this week---and work hard...and I'll see in...next week---If nothing else Lisa...can you remember I love you always.  That is about all...I guess I will tell you the rest when I see you.  CRAZY!
I know God LIves...I know he loves me!  I know this is his church...and I know he answers prayers---And I know that I am soo excited to run and hugg you.  I love you LIsa,  Keep the Faith
Always, Elder David Nickle"

This was written 10/25/04

Sweet boy right? And he still is. Ugh. Do you hate me AGAIN? This could be a rough couple of months with my crazy roller coaster emotions. Eek. Are you ready for a ride?

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