I'm Married to the Popular Kid

its weird.

I'm the wife of the guy that everyone loves. You kind of know that though because you probably love him too.

He got a huge award from the Army. I haven't posted about it because they didn't announce it officially to the other cadets until today. More than the award itself, its the honor that goes with it. One person from each branch of the military ROTC gets it each year. Only one person in the history of Embry Riddle has ever gotten it before. That tells you how special it is because ERAU is somewhat full of awesome students. It's even called the Medal of Honor. Fancy style. Here is the page that says his name.

Then! Then! He got this other one called The Superior Cadet Decoration Award which is an official Army award. He will get a patch or something.

I'm really only completely bragging about this because I want to document it for posterity. Don't hate me too much. Just a little okay?

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