Fake Eyelashes

So I was applying my fakeys today and I was contemplating the reason for them. I don't have one except for that I'm lazy. And I hate black dots under my eyes and in my eyes. Makes me mad.

The only problem is that I am even more crazy about pulling them out. I hate when the glue is not in its proper place, aka all over the top of my lid so I end up pulling them all out and reapplying. More work. Maintenance.

The picture ive attached was really about the necklace. (It's from a friend who made it. Homemade!) But you can see the lashes and how long they are. Right?

I like the drama of them. Like you can maybe tell they are fake but I don't care.

And now you know my deepest beauty secret. Well not really. But its not one I would normally go around boasting about but I thought you deserved to know.

And my real reason for applyling them this time around is because I'm gonna be in labor soon and I don't want to have to ask for someone to get mascara out of my eyes. And plus I want to look fabulous while birthing.



  1. One thing is for certain--you WILL look fabulous while birthing! I adore the necklace (your friend's got skillz). As far as I'm concerned, fake=fantastic & you rock those lashes!

    1. Oh thanks! And you don't have to be nice and comment on my posts. I am so lazy and never do it for anyone else. Maybe I should stop being so lazy. Lol.