A Post A Day, Keeps the Anxiety Away

Per a challenge from Emily, I'm going to try and do a post a day for the month of April. Ugh. It's gonna be hard. That means I actually have to be committed to something. Stressful. Especially cause this baby is coming in like one day. Or week. Or maybe two weeks.
I tried this weekend to have her. No such luck. I had the doctor do his magic, I went to an acupuncturist, black and blue cohosh, walked, and nothing.
I said over at this other blog I post at that I secretly knew it was not gonna happen this weekend. But I let everyone else influence me. Okay, so I can't TOTALLY blame it on others, I mean, I am ready. Like me, I, me, am ready but I had this gut feeling that maybe she wasn't. And I told a few people that. We went ahead anyway and tried. No such luck. So here I am. I am experiencing a lot of anxiety and sadness. It's very strange. Instead of post-partum depression, I'm having pre-partum depression. I feel scared that I may not make it to my preferred hospital, about the pain, missing David, etc...My sister would insert here that I need to trust that everything is going to happen the way it's supposed to happen. I do trust that. But what if what's supposed to happen is I turn into the next woman who delivers her baby in the car? Ahhhhh........
Do you want to do the challenge too? I think you should go over to her blog and read it. I'm sure she would send you baked goods too. And/or dinner. But I think dinner would be more hard to send in the mail.
I have to make up a post from yesterday so I'm gonna go do that. Probably just a picture one. Or somesing.

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  1. The amount of excitement I am feeling about you blogging every day, is almost exactly the same amount of pre-partum depression feelings you're having. So I'm sorry. Have that baby soon, not while in the car, so you can love on her & use a pic of her everyday to skate through this challenge! Thanks for playing!

    (And I WILL send baked goods to anybody...they'll deserve them!)