You'll Probably Want to Hear This

This is a voice message from work I dictated for your viewing, reading pleasure. I wish you could have heard it. I included all of the pauses just. like. she said them.  (This one is especially for you Emily. You've got a hubby in the business. lol)

"Hi uh this is Jane Dumb calling. my number is 555-LAME. Um they did come and pick up the trash today however.  Uh, it again, only half of the. trash. got emptied and im, im, thinking cause I watched the truck uh today, i'm thinking that they're, when  they grab the the trash can they're grabbing it very high, so when it goes to the top of the truck to be emptied only a small amount of it the trash is coming out. I checked to see if any of the trash is stuck or anything like that. and it is not, so that is why I think that the fact that the truck is picking up the trash uh rather the trash can, too high, that when they bring it to the top of the truck, the trash can does not tilt enough to empty the can. and you can see it evidenced by the incredible scraping on the side, one side, of the trash can that were not there before. SO um, I don't know. If you need to talk with me. that's fine.  um bye.

So there you go.

People are idiots right? Like thats a pretty fair statement. I especially feel like people in this town and area are kind of lame when it comes to complaining. I feel like all they have to look forward to is calling and harrassing the trash secretaries.

This lady called today and she was complaining about a driver she saw who had his daughter on his lap. And she was hanging out the window (the daughter, not the complainer although that would be awesome). BUT she couldn't see the driver because he was behind the girl who was hanging out the window? That's weird. Anyway, I tried for several minutes to explain that garbage trucks steering wheels are on the OPPOSITE side of a normal vehicle. I said to her, "What side of the truck was the girl in?" And she said, "The drivers side." lol. Goob. And it's pretty funny because this drivers daughter is not super young. Therefore it makes it more awkward that he would drive with his mature daughter on his lap. I love people.

What i'm super duper sick of lately is people calling and having me repeat the same thing. So this lady called and was like, "Why is my bill $41 instead of $45. So I explained to her the reason (she had gotten a smaller can, and already paid for the bigger can). I went through it in DETAIL! I promise I did. At the end of the phone call she was like, "So where did the $4 come from?" Really. REALLY she said that. True story.

Yesterday a man called pretty upset that he got a bill with a stamp on it saying that he was late. He was seriously furious about the fact that we send out postcards for bills because apparently, he didn't get his prior months. And apparently, this has happened before where his bill gets lost in his catalogs. I told him we could mail him a letter. I had a 10 minute conversation (similar to the one above.) repeating over and over how we could mail him a full size ("you mean, an 8.5" by 11?") piece of paper, in an envelope, with a stamp even. Seriously, check my phone records. 10 minutes people.

Oh my, I could go on and on. Can you pray for me that I don't lost my patience? I've got to remember to keep a list of all of these stories. But for now, I've got another work issue to deal with.  Hackers....

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