MW3 say what?

"Remember when you used to have to blow into the Nintendo game even before you played it?"  I heard this on the radio just before they played what they called a "Generation X" tune. It was Natalie Imbruglia (one of my favorites!). The announcer also mentioned Sonic the Hedgehog and the Sega. Oh my. I had one. I want it back.
Apparently this really fancy game came out a couple days ago at midnight. MW3 or something? Let me look it up. Yes. Modern Warfare. It has something to do with Call of Duty which are both things I know nothing about. This game is "the most anticipated game of all time!" Whoa. That's sort of a big deal.

I feel so behind the times. What happened to Pac Man (my hubby and I still have contests with this one. He always wins) and Mario? Now it's only cool to wear the paraphernalia.

Do you remember when you and your bff would play Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt like all day long? I was never cool enough to own my own Nintendo so I would always go to my friends house. Sometimes she would let me be Mario but most of the time I had to be Luigi which meant going second. And she was always better because obviously, she could practice more.

Classic Sega SystemAnd then do you remember when Super Mario Brothers 2 came out? And then 3? Wow! The graphics were

When I got older I was lucky enough to get a Sega Genesis for my birthday. It came with Sonic the Hedgehog. I played for hours. It's still my most favorite game ever.

This is not to say that I don't enjoy modern video games. The other day my sister and I gallantly played Just Dance 3 which was almost brand new then. Our favorite was this one below. Just picture this: me and my sister. Dancing. To this. While my mom and her hubby watched. It was hilarious. And really really fun.

I got to hold the controller. Cause apparently I'm a better dancer. I'm not sure about that at all, especially in my old age. I should be grateful she even let me hold the controller right? One day I'll get my Sega and my Wii and I'll share it with the world. Wanna come over and play?

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