How to Survive in New York City

I'm sitting here in Paulden Arizona with the wind and the dry heat and the lack of people and guess what? New York City is buzzing! I keep thinking how the Subways are still stopping and going and stopping and going even without me there. One is probably arriving right now at Court Square. Another is probably leaving Grand Central. And there's probably even one at Bedford/Nostrand Ave.

I've been back for 3 days now and I'm still tired! New York City truly never sleeps! In fact, half of the days we were there, I didn't go to sleep until 6 AM! And that's normal!

There are things I wish someone would have told me before going. I've decided to record them here mostly for my own sake so when I return again next year I'll be prepared.

1) Buy the week long pass for the MTA Subway/Bus system. At this time it's $29 for one week unlimited rides.
2) Do the guided tour stuff! It's worth it. Otherwise a lot of time will be wasted wandering aimlessly. Which is not a bad thing in our case. Because we met LOTS of people.
3) Don't talk to everyone, especially the drunks/druggies. We spent some time trying to teach Mariah that she didn't have to engage all the people that tried to talk to us. lol.
4) Ask the locals for directions. That way you don't look like an idiot.
5) Bring Tom's shoes. They'll save your life.
6) Don't buy the $6.95 map they sell at the station outside of the airport because you can get one for free from the actual subway people.
7) You CAN haggle the people at gift shops. Sneakers.
8) Eat the 99 cent slices.

I wish I could go in depth about everything we did. You would be BORED out of your mind. I will tell you that we met a lot of famous people. I'm pretty sure I talked to enough famous people that I am considering myself famous now. I have the HOOK-UPS!

We did NYC pretty perfectly. We did a few touristy things and a lot of local stuff. We took a bus tour all around Manhattan (upper and lower), did a pedi-cab in Central Park and spent the rest of the time figuring the city out on our own Chevrolegs (holla Chels!).

I can honestly say that we didn't meet any rude people (besides the ace hole kids who threw rocks at us for walking too close. This was in Brooklyn so I'm not counting it.). In fact, a few of the people I met I would like to keep in touch with for forever!

We had the privelege of attending a funk show at a local (and pretty popular) place in the lower east side. Sullivan Hall is the name.  It was pretty much my favorite evening of the whole trip. The band was so amazing and so was the energy! Everyone was dancing to this 11 person band which is awesome considering other shows I've been to where you're lucky if you have that crazy girl up front just tryin' to show off. No, no no. EVERYONE busted a move and it was FUN music. Not creepy, grind up on you kind. I was sweating and loving it. That's my kind of work out.

So anyway, I won't bore you with more stuff. Until later. Check out my Facebook album for pictures because you know you won't see them here (slow computer remember?). And if we aren't friends on Facebook, there's a reson for it. lol. Rood.

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