The 4 Year Old

I know you must get tired of the posts about peoples kids. But mine is different lol. Not really.

Jackson has been a late bloomer in mostly everything. Didn't crawl till 12 months, walk until 15 and just barely started speaking full(er) sentences. Like when he said recently after coughing, "Oh shit, I'm sick." I was in NYC when that one came out and so when David told me over the phone, after dying of laughter I convinved him that I've been watching myself around the kids because of this! So we came up with the neighbors as culprits for his language. lol.

He's still obsessed with trains. He loves them. I'm not sure how long it will last and because of this, I threw him a train-themed party (pictures to come). I think it might have been a dream come true for him. A bouncy castle, a candy bar, and cupcakes. And presents! What more could a 4 year old ask for?

A kitty? Well he got one of those too. Only by accident. And now that the novelty has worn off, I've frequently found him tossing (litterally) the little guy into the bathroom (where his litter box and food is). Kitty has become quite defensive after having to fight off a 2 and 4 year old. He's really friendly but likes to play! The kids both have scratches all over. You might think I'm a child abuser if you didn't know that we own a cat!

I can still get kisses and hugs out of him (sometimes they are bribed) but I am afraid these days are running thin. He still fits in my lap and sometimes wants to!

He torments Sadie but she gives it right back to him! The other day she ran out of our bedroom and shut the door behind her before he could get out. And because he can't open that door yet, he was so mad! You might have been able to hear a giggle from the other side! Aside from that, they do love each other. We still can't leave the house unless they are both ready to go. Neither one will allow for it. So while it's been crazy having 2 so close together, I'm thankful for the constant friendship!

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