She sat on the floor and happily ate from a bag of chips.

We are driving home from Phx right now (me and my mom). People slow down so much for cops. Why cant they just go the speed limit?

I think we might catch the rain. We are so happy about that. I love the smell of ozone.

Why cant I be crafty? I love all you ladies who are super awesome moms and super crafty too.

Did you know I have a secret blog? Do you? I think thats why I havent been posting as much here. I wanna get back on track.

I would really enjoy some Leo's right now. Leo's is a hometown sandwish shop in Lock Haven. Its really so cute. When my friend Jaime came to visit we locked her in the bathroom. Sorry J. Its literally inside the walls. Like you walk inside the wall and there are toilets. I might be on a tangent right now.

I am almost out of characters. I hope the weekend is so great for you.

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