Yard Sale Time

I think this might become my mommy blog. Is that annoying? I am sitting outside waiting for someone to come look at a couch that we picked up from the trash at work. I am actually sitting in it. We are going to make money off of something we got for free. lol.

I have so many thoughts running through my head. Its such a common phrase. However, I do. Do your thoughts run? Or walk? Or lightly jog? I think mine are usually running.

Jackson and David went to the Verde with Rebecca and Adam. So its just mi hija and I.

I best be going. I am having a yard sale. Come buy my stuff. thanks.

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  1. I wanna come to your yardsale... I love your mobile blogs!! :D and I think my blog is a mommyblog now too... it's all about Kylee haha! so would that make it a Kyleeblog instead?

  2. ooh your blog is prettier! I dont want a used couch :D. I do want to know how you blog from your phone. I've tried. It never works for me. Maybe you are smarter then me! Yup that's probably it!