The Days of Our Lives

I feel sort of giddy. I'm not really sure why either? Maybe it's the excitement of forthcoming events. If you would have talked to me yesterday though, I would have said something a lot different. It hurt my brain to think about all the changes and things that are occuring right now.

First of all, we are buying a house! Big big deal! It's a HUGE deal right? Yeah. It is.

Secondly, David all of a sudden has 2 jobs! That's crazy too.

Thirdly, I have a job still. And that makes for confusion when trying to schedule schedules. lol.

Fourthly, David is going to school. And doing ROTC. AND we just have to come up with like a gazillion dollars to pay for it. So that's big too right?

Fifthly, I can't think of another thing. But 5 is a good, round, solid number. I bet you thought I was gonna say something about having another baby huh?

So with all of that being said, there is SO much to plan and be excited for! The most exciting thing for me is the house situation. I'm gonna have a house where I can paint the walls!!! That has been my life dream since forever. It's really super small (but very cute) and I can't wait to figure out how to fit everything. The yard is amazing. I can't wait to have yard parties with bonfires and processed meat. Come over! It will be so fun.


  1. Oh gosh that is a lot of crazy changes coming up! WOW! Buying a house? Tell me aaaaall about it. I LOOOOVE YOU!

  2. Woohoo for buying a house! So exciting! We're saving up for one ourselves.

  3. That is a lot of huge things! Congrats on the house! Have fun really is fun!

  4. I'm so excited for you guys! It will be a few more years before Jarett and I even think about buying a house :( David has two jobs and he's going to school? Whoa! I love you Lisa