From Rags to Riches

This blog is about two things.

Coupons. Im back in the business. Of saving. I dont want to brag, but I am going to. I hate bragging because it just makes other people feel bad. Anyway, i went to Safeway last night and saved 44 percent! Thats super great for me. I am usually a good shopper in that I watch for the cheapest item out of them all but Ive never gotten the concept of stocking up on the super duper cheap stuff! Until now!!

Id also like to be grateful. Grateful for my hub, work, money, and tithing. We went from having $.46 to having more than that. So grateful.

Now can I complain? I know I said It was about 2 things but I see I have more characters left before I hit 1000.

Here is my complaint! I hate complainers. lol. Okay, just people who complain about their trash. Really? You are going to waste your energy telling me, more than once, that you are mad your trash spilled? Because you didnt bag it! Dum. Just kidding. About the dum part.

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