Is It Illegal to Drink Pepsi from a Coke Cup?

Because I have been at home for the last 2 days with my babies, I decided it was time to mommy blog.

A few things I love about Jackson right now:
  • His complete answers to questions. "Jackson, do you want ketchup with your chicken?" His response, "Yes, ketchup." (Complete with the pause). Another one today, "Jackson, can you get me a diaper for Sadie?" Him: "Yes, a diaper.".
  • I love the way he says what.  "Hwhaht?"
  • Bob a deoder, YES WE CAN!
  • He asks, "You okay?" if he even remotely thinks you are hurt. It comes complete with a touch.
  • He LOVES cars and trucks and buses and things. Yesterday was a tender moment when he drove his little "tractor" as he calls it (the one in his hand in the picture), all over my body. Very sweet.

A few things I love about Sadie right now:
  • Her walk!
  • The way she dances! She bobs up and down, and shakes her hips back and forth. She might be my daughter. :-)
  • She is VERY thoughtful. Today she wanted a drink. I asked her to go get her cup from the room. Not only did she bring hers back, but she brought Jacksons too. And gave it to him. Do they understand that already?
  • I love how she sings the ABC's. Not very well, but she tries!
  • She too, does the "You okay?" thing. Hers sounds more like "kay? U kay?"

There are many more things. I don't want to bore you. Thank you to these kiddos mentioned above for letting me write this WHOLE post uninterrupted. Awesome! What a good day!


  1. Awwwww! Bore us with more!!! LOL It's not boring to me, cuz I'm not there!

  2. Same!!! Keep boring us! :)

  3. They are SUPER cute! What a blessing.

  4. Awwww, that's so sweet, Lisa! Kids are awesome!