Lovely Morning

I have started on this new craze of waking up early to go walking. Its really awesome. And okay, the craze has been 2 days so far. lol. Yesterday my friend Belle came with me. We found a super awesome yard sale loaded with scrapbooking stuff. She got a bunch, I got a little. lol. That is only because I didnt have cash or space to store.

My kids are super cute. I am going to be that mom that now talks about her kids bowel movements. Ready? Jackson went pee in the potty!! Be excited. Its happened many times! We might be onto something. He will go if we ask him but still wants to wear diapers. I got him some pull-ups yesterday. David informed me that im not allowed to call them (and underwear) panties. Panties are for girls. I think its too late. Jackson says panties pretty well.

Well the naked girl in the picture is finished with her beauty rest so i better go.


  1. Sadie is so cute! I love looking at the pictures of your kiddos! And yea for Jackson for peeing in the tolit!

  2. LOL about panties. They are underwear for boys! I am so excited for Jackson- don't worry, he will get it-quicker than you think I bet! Love you.