Happy First Day of May, Except It's the Second.

Well friends, how goes it?

I live with the abominable Sadie. She is a really cute one though.

So is this one. lol

We took some beer over to the parents house last night. We didn't say much until people started noticing. It was quite funny. I wonder how many people wanted to drink some. I know I did. Just kidding.

We got it for the guy who is fixing our car. It's a friend of a friend and he told us not to pay him, but to get him beer. I think paying the $11.00 for some Pacifico was better than paying a $100 for some other guy to do the same thing. Good times. So now we will have air conditioning! Yay!

I don't think there is much else to report at this time. Well there is, but not right now.

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  1. Sadie is just adorable! I think she looks so much like you. Or exactly like I remember Chelsi looking when you guys lived down the street from us. Like a million years ago. :)