Never Knowing What to Call These

Sadie is on my lap. She is sassy.

Jackson was in my lap yesterday. I feel like these days are precious. The times where they sit in your lap. And just sit. These days? They won't last forever. Especially since kids grow SO fast.

Someone threw away an entire dumpster full of candy and soda and snacks. David and his mama went dumpster diving. They brought home Mike n' Ikes (I don't know how to spell that), Ding-Dongs and Air Heads. And they all taste good! David said there were some things they couldn't salvage like the pretzels. They got oil in them.

Yesterday was Monday. It totally felt like one too. I may have said some mean things in my head.

David is at work. I will go to work soon too. In fact, I better get ready right now. What are you doing today?

Does anyone know how to work TypePad? Or whatever? I want my site to be cool. How do I do it?

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  1. Have to laugh at the dumpster diving. Too funny!