These Things I'll Never Say

This is my second day home in a row. ALL DAY. Alone with kids. David is working working. As in, he can't really leave when he wants. It's sort of crazy. Brings me back to the University of Phoenix days. Those were hard ones. I had Chelsi to keep me somewhat sane.

I want(ed) this right? I do, and I did. I just can't remember what it's like. It's hard!

So far today? Spaghetti spilled. All over. Phone in the toilet. Awesome.

They are eating chicken nuggets right now. Which is why I get to be writing.

I have so many feelings in my head. One specific one? I want everyone to stop bragging about their weight loss. BLAH!

I think my depression is flaring up today. Like it's asthma or something. I'm having a depression attack. lol.

I shouldn't of said that. Because people use it as an excuse for certain behaviors. Someone I know was mentioning something about a friend of ours and said something like, "Well, it's because she suffers from depression." And I wanted to say back, "Uh, you're an idiot."

It's time to watch The Hills. the kids are sleeping.

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