I Can't Find a Good Title for This Post, Plus I Like Caps Lock

I was feeling guilty for not writing enough spiritual things on my blog. Specifically about the good things I have been blessed with, etc. In fact, I spend most of my time complaining on this here blog. 

Then I stopped feeling guilty because it doesn't matter!

My relationship with God is entirely personal and what other people perceive of that relationship is TOTALLY none of their business or mine, for that matter.

I have been reading other peoples blogs about their journey with the LDS religion (most of them on their way out). I think it is entirely interesting. And in a way, I envy them. Not because they are leaving, but because they are doing it for themselves! It's not that they hate the church (they're not bashers), they just are taking the time to explore what their core beliefs are. It makes me feel happy for them. It makes me feel that I am okay for not agreeing with so much of the church culture. And that's what it is for me, culture of the Church.

I can seperate it though. Sometimes my lines cross and I start to wonder what the heck I'm doing, but most of the time I can deaw the line between what is real and what is not. People (especially my non-LDS friends/family) don't understand how I can remain in a religion that I have so many issues with. And that is my answer. I know where my boundaries are. But sometimes my answer is, I have no idea!

My testimony comes from the basics. Jesus Christ as my Savior, God as the Father, Priesthood on the earth today, temple work, blessings of tithing, following the commandments, scriptures, etc.. Sometimes though, I get caught up in drama, but hey, doesn't everyone?

As for now, I'm in.

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