To my Man (Jackson that is)

To my sweet little boy,

I love you. Don't grow up anymore please!
A few of the things you are interested in right now:

Cars (the movie), Cars (the toys), Cars anything. You love "nana's" (Bananas), "coo keys", shows, sissy girl, and mom and dad (mostly dad). I love when you say, "Hi ticka ticka girl" which translates as "Hi sissy girl". You are so helpful around the house. You throw away your own diapers, and help with the laundry. You even clean (or attempt to) clean up your own spills. Even if it means smearing it and making it worse. :-) We call you our little Linus because you carry around a soft blanket everywhere. I love that you love to rub silky things between your fingers. You're just like me! I did that too. You give the best kisses ever accompanied with the neccesary "Muah" sound. You love driving toy cars all over, mostly on dad's body. You love the real car too. You always wanna go in the car, and sit in your "chair" which is fabulous for us. You love kitties and dogs. I'm so glad you haven't developed a fear of those. Abby, Bill's dog, only lets you pet her. She barks at the rest of us. You get right in her face and she doesn't even mind. Lucky boy. Sweet boy. You love taking the lids from pots and pans out of the cupboard. You sit on the kitchen floor and spin them around... for long periods of time too! It's so sweet the way you do it. It's not like you are rough and loud with them, you are fascinated by the way they work. "Up" and "Help" are the same words for you. You love getting on the counters and looking in the mirror. You love cheese and applesauce. They are pretty much staples for you. You are my staple!!
I miss the days of snuggling. Although you do let me snuggle you at night. In fact, you have to be touching me before you fall asleep. I can't let go of that!
You even ask nicely for "ginks" (drinks).
Oh goodness. I just love you.

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!


  1. I love this little boy too! I am glad I got to know him as a baby and hope to see him soon! Hopefully I'm still his fav Aunty Jenny :D Happy Birthday!

  2. He is such a cute boy! Happy Birthday to him!

  3. Wow what a cutie! Happy Birthday Jackson! Make sure you print that off and save it for Jackson to read someday! What a treasure!!

  4. i loooove this. this breaks my heart in such a happy way! o sweet. i love your jackson boy too.