Kind of Hating Everything

My emotional side is out. I hate that I always wanna blog when I'm feeling this way. I suppose it isn't always a bad thing.

I'm touched by how many people there are in the world that actually feel the same way I do about the church. At first I thought I was alone. I'm totally not. I have sort of gravitated myself to some blogging communities I feel really close to. I am mostly a reader right now and hopefully in the future, I'll be a writer(commenter) as well. For now, I'll stand back.

I'm working on a post to explain in detail those feelings I mentioned about my situation in the LDS world. For now, don't you worry.

Tonight, I was speficially touched by a man who is an openly gay active member of the church. He blogs about his convictions about the truthfulness of the Gospel. He has such a strong testimony. He is facing excommunication. For some reason, those two things are oxymorons to me. That's all I will say on that topic. I could further delve into my hatred for the guidelines the Church has to follow, but I won't. I realize that such matters are beyond my scope of knowledge which is the only solace I find in such situations. Regardless of sexual orientation, I can tell from reading only a few posts that he is a GREAT person. And the God I know, loves him and will not punish him for that.

That's all. I am going to make a post about Jackson now. So random. I love everyone.

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  1. I have tried so many times to reconsile (sp) my feelings about homosexuality and the church. It confuses me. I still have yet to figure out how I feel. I'm just glad I know the gospel is true. The savior loves me, and everyone.