I'm Hungry

So I have been craving soda lately. I'm back to craving the good stuff... Diet Coke. While pregnant and for a little while after all I wanted was Dr. Pepper. But Lisa is back. Thanks to J and S, I was coaxed into my addiction long ago. When we lived in PA, whenever I hung out with these two ladies we always picked up a Diet Coke wherever we went, whatever we were doing. It's back.

Last night I texted my sister to bring me home a diet coke. At 10 o'clock at night. I told her though, that if she was going to get home after midnight to not worry about it. Luckily, that was the case. Otherwise I would have been up all night... with gas. TMI right? I don't care.

Today though, it's a different story. My nanny (my sister) went to get me one. And a burrito from Del Taco. I'm lucky huh?

So my baby girl is the cutest girl ever. I really miss my camera. I hate that I don't have a month of her life in pictures. Lame. Also, Jackson happens to be the cutest boy in the world as well. Sadie is discovering her hands. She LOVES them. Since she won't take a pacifier, they keep her company instead. She is trying to laugh and smiles all the time. Jackson is so darling. He says "show" when he wants to watch The Backyardigans or Cars. He is starting to repeat everything we say, or at least the last word of the sentence. He is so so so cute. Can't get enough of him. He even puts himself in time out. I try SO hard not to laugh when he does that but Oh em gee, it's cute.

Guess what isn't cute? Me right now. I'm gonna go get ready.

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  1. Ooooh I wish your camera worked too so I could see pics of your cute babies!!!