A Night at the Roxy

I wish I was at the Roxy. But I don't live in Lock Haven, PA anymore so I don't get to enjoy a $5.00 admission and $2.00 popcorn. Sad.

David and I went and saw a movie the other night. I won't tell you what it's called just yet. I just want to tell you about it. Actually, I don't really wanna tell you about it because it's just so good. Go watch it. It's called Slumdog Millionaire. It won 8 Oscars. It's that good. I love watching movies that make me think, or ones that leave me feeling better than I did when I went in. There is an overall theme of love that transpires throughout it all. Caution: SPOILER ALERT! Don't read on if you are going to watch it. The main character Jamal spends his life in search for Latika, a girl he met and looked after when he was younger.The movie isn't even about this. However, after much trial he is reunited with her in the end. It's gonna seem a little crazy, but I kind of likened it to my relationship with David. We met when we were 14. We've been through a lot and survived it all! the teenage years, a mission, college, babies, moving, death, drama.... and here we are. We've still managed to find each other throughout all the craziness. It was warming to my heart.

During the credits, many of the cast members dance. It's so fun. Go see it.

I don't have anything else interesting to say except that considering the awesome homemaker I am, dinner still turned into a disaster last night. I was making delicious spicy honey mustard chicken and I managed to break two Pyrex bowls, the tray to our griddle and one of my 10 remaining glasses. I put a plate of chicken on top of something and it totally make everything fall off the counter. Ugh. Oh, and I wasted a pound of chicken. I probably could have rescued it but I didn't want to risk the shards of glass tearing up our intestines. David came running to my rescue and suggested we go out. He is sweet. I came back and cooked the remaining veggies in the delicious sauce and it still tasted amazing. See, I can still manage to be fabulous regardless of circumstances. Jk. Sort of.

Well, I hope to post more often and I hope you do too. I love reading blogs.


  1. I wish we were both back in PA at the roxy...like that time when we went to see Dark Knight...good times :) Love you!!!

  2. Noticed your 'your vs you're' post and thought you might find this interesting :)


  3. Oh you'd be surprised that the Roxy is now $6.00... Can you believe it? But it's still a nice theatre and cheap popcorn!

    I hate making dinner... maybe you should give me some recipes to try... or just come over and cook for me... like enchiladas... remember those? Yummmm!