All These Things I'm Thinking About

So I STILL can't stop thinking about Del Taco. I'm going to get some. I don't care if you want to judge me. I am going to eat three items. And a soda. Yum. Also, I can't stop thinking about my camera charger. I need it!!!!!

I also hate Verizon. I hate that I pay them a million dollars for a phone (which I hate). We are behind on our payment and they keep sending me nasty text messages. Then they call me from 3 different numbers in hopes that I will miraculously answer (which I don't). Then they leave me half messages. You know the kind that start midway through the PRE-RECORDED message. Lame.

I'm still hungry. Where's Chelsi? She is outside talking on my cell phone. I can't leave the kids all by themselves. Well, I technically could. Then I would probably be charged with neglect or something. They are sleeping though. I want to be sleeping. My little popcorn chicken has been waking up at least three times lately. Yeah, you can't steal those nicknames. Jackson is my white meat chicken nugget, and I figured it was only appropriate that Sadie be the popcorn chicken. We've also given her a rap name. It's White Cheddar. Preferably said "white chedduh". Yeah. I like it.

I'm going to Del Taco now. She is back.


  1. lol i LOVE those nicknames:)

  2. Very creative nicknames! I like them. I wish I was creative like you. You made me hungry- btw. Thanks. =) I miss you. Come over soon.