Look at Me, I'm on a Roll

Or maybe it should be "Look at me, I'm eating a roll" or something.

My hands are sweating as I type. I would turn on the air conditioner but we're about out of power. We signed up for M-Power from SRP. Are you familiar? It's actually quite cool. You get power when you need it. You go to the ghetto a.k.a Food City to fill up your little card and then you stick it inside the machine in your house and wa-lah. There's power. We got it because we kept getting behind on our payments so this way, if we run out of money, we run out of power. It's fabulous.

G, you didn't respond to my question about Sunlight. lol. Everyone.... G lives in Alaska. I was wondering how much sunlight she sees everyday. I can't imagine it's much and I imagine it's pretty tough. That rhymes. Anyway, I want her to know that if I could box some of my sunlight up (I live in AZ), I would. I would send you a years supply. Of actual sunlight and the sunlight of my wonderful soul. Lol. Again, I laugh at my own jokes.

For today I am thankful for the nap I took. I laid next to White Chedduh and we slept. She drooled and so did I. We're a match made in heaven.

Also, I was able to be on the grounds of the temple today. It was gorgeous. Jackson went everywhere and Sadie probably will have a sunburn. But it was fun. I loved some of the people I was able to see.

Uh-oh. Popcorn chicken is waking up and the cookies on top of the microwave are calling my name. Much love to my homies.

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  1. If I turned on ac- which I couldn't because it doesn't exist here- I would freeze to death. I long for heat!
    Sunlight- we are getting more and more every day. Right now we have about 12 hours. So life is getting better if the snow would just go away and the clouds!
    In Dec our longest sunlight hours are 5. And that sucks beans!!!
    Love you Lisa!