Monday, February 23, 2009

I wish I was at the Roxy. But I don't live in Lock Haven, PA anymore so I don't get to enjoy a $5.00 admission and $2.00 popcorn. Sad.

David and I went and saw a movie the other night. I won't tell you what it's called just yet. I just want to tell you about it. Actually, I don't really wanna tell you about it because it's just so good. Go watch it. It's called Slumdog Millionaire. It won 8 Oscars. It's that good. I love watching movies that make me think, or ones that leave me feeling better than I did when I went in. There is an overall theme of love that transpires throughout it all. Caution: SPOILER ALERT! Don't read on if you are going to watch it. The main character Jamal spends his life in search for Latika, a girl he met and looked after when he was younger.The movie isn't even about this. However, after much trial he is reunited with her in the end. It's gonna seem a little crazy, but I kind of likened it to my relationship with David. We met when we were 14. We've been through a lot and survived it all! the teenage years, a mission, college, babies, moving, death, drama.... and here we are. We've still managed to find each other throughout all the craziness. It was warming to my heart.

During the credits, many of the cast members dance. It's so fun. Go see it.

I don't have anything else interesting to say except that considering the awesome homemaker I am, dinner still turned into a disaster last night. I was making delicious spicy honey mustard chicken and I managed to break two Pyrex bowls, the tray to our griddle and one of my 10 remaining glasses. I put a plate of chicken on top of something and it totally make everything fall off the counter. Ugh. Oh, and I wasted a pound of chicken. I probably could have rescued it but I didn't want to risk the shards of glass tearing up our intestines. David came running to my rescue and suggested we go out. He is sweet. I came back and cooked the remaining veggies in the delicious sauce and it still tasted amazing. See, I can still manage to be fabulous regardless of circumstances. Jk. Sort of.

Well, I hope to post more often and I hope you do too. I love reading blogs.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The topic for this week: Something Broken

Here is the non-existent picture of my camera.

It's broken.

I think I've become a reseller.

I'm one of those annoying people I used to hate. I've turned to the dark side. Do you hate me too?

I'm the person you stare at at the yard sales that hurries and gets there at the butt crack of dawn. I'm the one pushing their way around to get the Fisher Price toy that's worth so much. I'm the one with the gates up the side of their truck stuffed to the rim full of refrigerators and high chairs. I'm the one that gets the good stuff just to turn around and sell it for more. Yup. That's me. Except that I don't go to yard sales. I go to Goodwill. And Savers. And D.I.

Yesterday at the Goodwill I found a Leap Frog Little Touch LeapPad for $3.00. I'll be listing it on eBay soon. It came with a book and cartridge. I know right?

I've also found so many other good toys. And clothes. Today I got some Gap shorts and Old Navy jeans for Jackson and some super cute dresses for Sadie. Are you jealous yet? I've thought about going into business. Yeah, my business will be shopping. Wouldn't that be so fun?

On another note, Jackson has officially hit his terrible two's. I knew it was a bad idea to take him to Trader Joe's (where they have kid sized carts). When it came time to check out, he wanted to check the wine section of the store where they have numerous GLASS bottles. So when I asked David to escort our child to the car, he (Jackson) decided to arch his back and scream bloody murder. I told David it's time for us to try a new form of punishment because saying "no" just isn't cutting it. Time out seems to work. I have never been about spanking but I'm thinking of starting. Any ideas?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pretty much it's time for everyone to learn. Instead of definitions, I will write the word, the correct pronunciation, and then use it in a sentence. This is all according to the world of Lisa. Please feel free to correct me. But don't really because I am right.

Ya: (yuh) How are ya doing? Do ya like the way I write this? Ya do?

Yeah: (not sure how to spell how this sounds) Yeah, I want to go with you and yeah, you are super cool. Only sometimes though. Yeah?

Yay: (yaay, as in a long a) YAY! You finally got it right. Yay, you won the lottery? I hope you are sending me some of your money.

Yea: (see above yeah). I hate this one. It's not even a word. It could be any of the ones above. Ugh. I hate it.

The end. Again, this is all my opinion but I'm pretty sure I'm right. In fact, I know I am. Mostly my spelling lessons come from texting. People are in such a hurry to write that they don't usually spell these words right. Anyway, this is a good lesson because I get most irritated with those ones. I tend to read things in my head and if they are written wrong, I end up getting all confused and such. So anyway, I like ya.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Topic: Laughter.

I'm going again with a photo from my "gallery". The FIRST picture I thought of was this one. One-piece pajamas! So funny. I laugh so much with these friends. I LOVE them.

Monday, February 2, 2009

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I am awake and my kids are asleep. Is this really happening to me? I think I must be dreaming.

I am overwhelmed by the things I need to do online so I choose instead, to blog. That's great right? Don't worry, I don't have anything interesting to say. Except for a few things.

The end of the world is near and I am afraid. Seriously. Even knowing what I know, I am terrified of natural disasters and such. Speaking of which, my grandparents are caught in one. They live in Kentucky and were out of power for three days before they could get a generator. No phone service (towers were down) and no showers, etc. Poor people! I am glad they are okay. Anyway, I can't picture myself in the same situation. I would be the crazy lady hyperventilating and freaking out. Yeah. See. Not a good time.

It sucks to be the woman of the household in this frame of mind/situation. I feel like I am in charge of getting all the stuff together. Currently I am gathering Mason jars to can food so we can survive when monsters are trying to get inside our house. I also have a million other things to get. Donations are accepted. I need: gas cans, gas, a generator, water, more food, camping backpacks, a camping stove, propane for that, a tent, more food, and a stash of cash. Thanks.

Oh yeah, I need a portable toilet too.

So anyway, I was logging on to Myspace today and the gigantic ad at the top of the page was not for a movie, or for a band or for any such thing they usually have. It was for this. Talk about me freaking out! Don't you worry, I entered the lottery. And now I am going to be one of the people on The Island(movie) that thinks when their lottery number is called, they are safe and free and happy, but really not so much. Why am I such a spaz?

I know I shouldn't be so worry and that the righteous will be saved and such. But does that mean we are safe from fires and earthquakes and bad economy and living on the streets? I hope so.

I am still not over that website. I wonder if it's real. It seems so. But would Myspace really do that to me?

Did you enter?