Lessons in Spelling and Grammar: Ya, Yeah, Yay, Yea

Pretty much it's time for everyone to learn. Instead of definitions, I will write the word, the correct pronunciation, and then use it in a sentence. This is all according to the world of Lisa. Please feel free to correct me. But don't really because I am right.

Ya: (yuh) How are ya doing? Do ya like the way I write this? Ya do?

Yeah: (not sure how to spell how this sounds) Yeah, I want to go with you and yeah, you are super cool. Only sometimes though. Yeah?

Yay: (yaay, as in a long a) YAY! You finally got it right. Yay, you won the lottery? I hope you are sending me some of your money.

Yea: (see above yeah). I hate this one. It's not even a word. It could be any of the ones above. Ugh. I hate it.

The end. Again, this is all my opinion but I'm pretty sure I'm right. In fact, I know I am. Mostly my spelling lessons come from texting. People are in such a hurry to write that they don't usually spell these words right. Anyway, this is a good lesson because I get most irritated with those ones. I tend to read things in my head and if they are written wrong, I end up getting all confused and such. So anyway, I like ya.


  1. Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! You're great! And hilarious...

  2. Hi Lisa! I must say, I totally agree with all of that. Especially the yea one. I can hardly believe I typed it out. I'm having a very strong urge to delete it.

  3. Anonymous12 June, 2009

    I agree with you, except for "yea" which is actually the correct spelling of the word used in a formal vote on a motion (as in yea or nay). :-)

  4. Actually, I believe the only "non word" would be "yay". It is slang, therefore not really a word. Yea means an affirmative (pronounced yay) and could be used "Please vote yea if you agree with this item." I've also always thought it was used as you are using "yay" and have been as annoyed by "yay" as you are by "yea" LOL

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