Lessons in Grammar and Spelling: Your, You're

So I am definitely no expert on spelling and grammar. But there are a few words and phrases that I am pretty adament about. See, I don't even know if I spelled that word right. Adamant. There. Hmm...

Anyway, I tend to get a little bit irritated with certain words that are often misused, misspelled and misplaced. Are those all words? See, I don't even know.

For our first lesson we will discuss the spelling and use of the word "Your or you're".

You're is a contraction. Not one of the painful, 'I hate everyone' kind that a woman experiences during labor, but one in which two words are combined together and usually include an apostrophe. For example, "You are a beautiful human being"can also be written "You're a beautiful human being." Other popular contractions are don't, didn't, shouldn't, couldn't, wouldn't, won't, aren't, etc.

Your is a person's something. Umm... that didn't make sense. It's the possessive form of you. I think. OK so example would be "Your mom is pretty." K. Get it? So it wouldn't be "You're mom is pretty" because that would be translated as "you are mom is pretty". That totally doesn't make sense.

When a person texts, he or she usually likes to put your for every use of the word. It's confusing to me. I especially hate u r and ur. How much more difficult is it to write you are or your? Okay, I totally forgive you if you have the QWERTY keyboard on your phone. It's actually not that fun. But if you have T9 or Word, it's unforgiveable.

I'm sure I make these mistakes sometimes. Probably not often though because I am pretty much the best speller in the world. just kidding lovers.

Next lesson: Ya just have to wait.


  1. You're right your kids probaly have people tell them all the time "Your mom is pretty!" Because you are. And I love reading your blog. Its real when your upset and so funny to read when something gets to you. I hate spelling! But I try my best, so Im sorry If I make these once in a while but I will watch out for them just for you L.:) Keep smiling lady, Your smile is great!

  2. I hate it when people misuse "there" "their" and "they're".

  3. It is funny though. When you type your Mom into Outlook, it gets flagged as being wrong. And it wants to replace it with you're. Try it some time.
    ps - I found this while Googling your Mom grammar. You're close to the top of the search. LOL!