Now I hope the LDS peeps who read this will not get offended at what I am about to write about. I don't usually care either way, but I do this time because I care.

Why is it that a MAN determines my worthiness to enter the temple? Some might respond (and have responded) that it is NOT up to him. But it secretly is. He tells me if I can or cannot get a recommend. So if it is truly up to me, then why don't I go into an interview telling him whether I think I am worthy?

It's not like that. If I answer a question "wrongly" then I can't go. That sucks.

I understand that these men are mouthpieces for God but they are also human. They make mistakes. And I secretly (now openly) think mistakes happen more often than we think.

I don't know. It's just a good time. This is not an angry blog. Just a blog.


  1. Did they turn you down?LOL

    Thanks for the sweet and unexpected note that I got in the mail today. It made me smile. And yes, Alaska is freezing and if you want to visit me here you better do it quick because we are making plans to escape.

  2. Are you saying "man" meaning Male- or "man" meaning human being? I'm trying to understand where you are coming from, but as I look back on my experience, I would almost always rather deal with my Bishops than their wives... I mean, there were always some awesome ladies around in the ward, but for the sake of "male/female" argument, lets just take them one couple at a time. Look back. Would you rather deal with the Bishop, or his wife?

    just sayin

  3. Hi Lisa,

    I hope my comments to you will help in this situation. A bishop is the Lord's mouthpiece for the ward. While he is not perfect, he is inspired. I've never met a bishop who isn't inspired. And it isn't a man who decides your worthiness, but rather, the guidelines of the church that the bishop is given. Those questions come directly from the highest priesthood authority of the church. Here is an example for you. A doctor is the one who diagnoses illness and he does it from school and training. In comparison, a bishop is trained for his job in the church. Not only that, but he holds the priesthood keys and he is INSPIRED! These men dearly love the people they serve (I've never met one who didn't) and they would do anything for them. This isn't a power calling. My dad was NOT excited when he was called to be bishop, but he did it because the Lord asked him to. I think that it's important to look past the personal weaknesses of people (bishops in this case, but this is a good rule of thumb anywhere) and see into their hearts. If you are concerned over something in your own life, take that concern to God (refer to the e-mail I sent you a month ago or so). God is the real judge and the one who inspires the bishop. It's very hard to be humble if someone tells you something you don't want to hear. If you are in doubt at all, pray. Put your heart and soul into that prayer. Do everything I suggested, and I'm sure you will find your answer! Good luck and hope it helps. And I hope it's not offensive to any reader in any way.

  4. I say I AGREE with you, Lisa. I think its all a load of crap. Im glad you are putting your feelings out there and you are entitled to every single one of them. Love ya tons!

  5. Thanks for the wonderful card!! Love you tons... I think we are all human

  6. I agree with Jessica :) And I also must disagree with Katie because a bishop is NOT trained to do their job. Maybe if there was a training there wouldnt be so many "personal" opinions that get involved. I do believe there is the "letter of the law" and the "spirit of the law" and if you actually reference the Bible, Jesus strongly disliked the Pharisees who were the teachers and enforcers of the rules. Jesus himself looks at the heart. And while a bishop has "rules and guidelines" he would do much better to model after Jesus and look at the hearts of the followers.