My Spine Hurts

I can't sit on this memory box much longer. I'm going to hurt for the rest of my life if I do. We need a computer chair. I really want a swivel one so Jackson won't be able to climb up to the desk and mess everything up.

Again, I have nothing good to say except that I want to swear. It's my birthday today and I feel like I should be allowed to.

My day got progressively BETTER thank goodness. It started out pretty good. I got to sleep in. I have my beauty of a sister here and she graciously allowed me to get some much needed sleep this morning.

I took David back to work after lunch because i had some errands to run. I came home with a screaming frothing child (seriously. She had tons of spit foaming out of her mouth), a negative bank account, an empty stomach and an empty gas tank. It was not a good time. I don't think I've ever felt worse.

Except when I was in labor. You know what? I was asking David the other day if it was possible to pass out from pain. He answered yes and I then asked why that didn't happen to me. He said that it was possibly because labor is a natural thing. Ugh. I tell you, it was the worst pain ever and i kept hoping I would pass out. Oh gosh. I still haven't forgotten that pain. I think it is slowly subsiding though.

Anyway, the day got better. I got some food. Some gas, and the baby stopped crying. The bank account thing... I guess I can be say that that got better as well. I put my effing birthday money in the bank so at least we are positive. Count your blessings right?

I wonder if people are offended by my use of the word effing. It's better than the real thing right? And I'm not really sure I even care if people are in fact, offended. It makes me feel better anyway. For example, saying effing in the sentance above (the birthday one) gives the reader the opportunity to feel that I am possibly slightly bitter that I have to spend my birthday money on our negative account. yeah see.

I'm thankful to the people who have made this day special. To my honey for putting my living room together (the best gift ever), to Cheltst for EVERYTHING (the card, keychain, watching babies, cleaning etc..), to Sis for the food and conversation, to my mama for the presents, to Kristi for watching my babies and for the presents as well. I also love people who left me comments on Myspace and Facebook. That makes me happy too. I feel sort of popular or something. I need sleep. I'm going to wake up my husband who said he wouldn't fall asleep. lol.


  1. oh, no! happy birthday! i didn't even remember.........................................................forgive me? but i love you and hope you had a good birthday. you're my favorite, you know. favorite.

  2. Hey Lis, so fun to hear from you, i love the blog. Congrats on your new little one.What did you name your new babe?
    Yes we are excited about Chels baby she has about three wks left, our first grand baby:)
    Come see us sometime.:)