The Day

My day has been full of shits and giggles. Literally. Shits and giggles and throw-ups. Sorry David. I swore. I have been swearing lately. I kind of secretly like it. Except now it is not so much a secret.
This blog will probably be full of complaints. Sorry to those of you who hate that. I don't actually care that much that you do. Stop reading.

The one absolutely great thing about my day was seeing Twilight for the third time legally. Probably the 4th or 5th illegally. I don't know why I love that movie so much. Is it the overly lovey story? Or the absolutely gorgeous Edward? I actually think it's the baseball scene. I could watch that a million times. For some reason I love that one more than any other one.

Then I got to eat something delicious. I can't tell you where I went because I made it a secret from David. Not sure why either. Anyway, I'll give you a hint. It rhymes with May Day. Does anyone have a guess?
When we were there Sadie decided to explode in her pants. She doesn't actually wear pants. She decided to explode in her gown. Those annoying ones with holes in the bottom. Oooh and before that she threw up all over me. Yum. I brought extra clothes for her but not for me. I"m smart.

I hate to say this because I know a lot of people are, or are trying to, have babies. But why do we have them again? At this stage they are so much work. They don't sleep when you want them to, the poop everywhere and they vomit just the same. I guess it becomes more worthwhile when they start to smile more, or play. Or they get to be Jacksons age and you can dress them in stretch pants, converse and an oversized sweater and then laugh because they look so freaking silly. I'll post a picture of that one. It happened tonight. IT was the funniest thing I have ever seen. Came home to Jackson dressed like that (by dad) and it made my day so much better. It becomes worth it when you ask them to say 'truck' and they say 'cock' in return. It's when she (I'm changing tenses here so you know who I am talking about) when she sleeps for 6 hours at a time, or when she DOESN'T explode in her pants for a day. It's worth it when he eats cheese from the 1 pound block in the fridge. Or when he gives kisses. I love my life.

Okay, I'm officially in a better mood. I love reliving those memories. I need to go though. 

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